Adizes SEE Organizational  Thetapy

Adizes Southeast Europe is specialised in the implementation of organizational therapy in the following areas 

Adizes Change Management

Adizes Change Management clearly defines the responsibilities and authorities of both organizational units and positions within a particular company.


Definition of clear responsibilities and authority, both within organizational units and positions in a particular company. All other steps are preparation for the establishment of a structure and support for a defined structure.

Adizes Functional Consulting

Providing functional consulting services in the areas of human resources (HR), finance, sales, process improvement, using Kaizen & Lean and Performance Management.

Functional Consulting

Adizes Southeast Europe offers its clients functional consulting services in the areas of human resources (HR) and process improvement, using  Kaizen & Lean.

Program Managerial Skils

Adizes Southeast Europe offers you the opportunity to improve your managerial skills through seminars, training events, and workshops.

Managerial Knowledge and Skills.

Through seminars, trainings, and workshops we offer the opportunity to all who hope to, wish to, plan to or perhaps have to be managers to improve their managerial knowledge and skills.

Family companies

All private companies in the region are family businesses, however the founders weren't aware of this when they launched their companies and their children were small.


Consulting for family businesses consists of preparing the company, preparing the successor, preparing the founder, and preparing the family. We offer clients support in all of these areas.

Adizes SEE Seminars

Carefully selected topics from the spheres of managerial knowledge, sales, human resources, processes and procedures are presented in such a way that the users can learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.


Through seminars, trainings, and workshops we offer the opportunity to all who hope, wish, plan or perhaps must be managers to improve their managerial knowledge and skills. A direct and concrete presentation style and open discussion with participants are what Adizes SEE seminars are known for. Our speakers are also our consultants, who are constantly expanding their experience, primarily through direct work with clients in the region.

Over two decades of experience working with companies in the region has, with regard to certain topics, been distilled into the form of a series of open seminars held in our offices throughout the region or private seminars for individual clients.    MORE >
In order to fully meet our clients’ needs, we created our Long Term programs (3-12 months) to be low intensity. These programs, through a combination of tools – organizational workshops, training events, assessments, and coaching – assist clients in achieving the employee development they seek.   MORE >


Adizes SEE News

Learn about the latest developments and projects in our field of work.

Why We Need Mutual Trust and Respect?

June 16th, 2017|0 Comments

    This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on March 13, 2017. There is need for a culture of mutual trust and respect, a culture of cooperation and collaboration. I am talking about the introduction of synergy, where two plus three is not five but six. In the interaction of diverse entities, two being different from three, something new is created through cross pollination; it is a value that couldn’t have been [...]

Adizes SEE Media

Audio and video recordings of our consultants – we do not only “preach” mutual trust and respect, we live it

ASEE/Adizes SEE was founded in 1994 in Novi Sad as a private company which successfully offers consulting services and managerial training, mainly in the former Yugoslav republics. From the beginning we have been part of the Adizes Institute network based in Santa Barbara, USA, and hence part of our activities are conducted in accordance with licensed Adizes methods for organizational therapy and company reorganization.

The main activities of ASEE/Adizes SEE are organizational therapy based on the Adizes methodology, consulting in functional areas, education through open and in-house (tailor-made) seminars and training events and publications. All of our services are based on international experience and vital training in the methods and standards common in the most developed countries, our over twenty years of practice in Southeast Europe and the decades of experience of our consultants and lecturers.

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